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Individuelle Holzhäuser planen, bauen, einrichten


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Individuelle Holzhäuser planen, bauen, einrichten

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Individuelle Holzhäuser planen, bauen, einrichten

Philosophie - Englisch

Philosophy for our homes

We take our inspiration from historical country and urban homes in Scandinavia and the state of New England. These houses have been such an inspiration for us that we often return to admire the beautifully constructed pieces of art. In the coridoors, kitchens and living rooms you can hear the houses quietly telling their stories. During our detailed search we discovered where their special charm lies. This charm and excellence is relived in our Greenville homes. The exteriors are wonderfully proportioned and have a classical symetry.

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The interiors are made exclusively with high quality products. In France we discoveed a small tile producer who made the wonderful terrazzo tiles for the hallways. The white wallpanels are such a thing of the past that after intensive search with no results we decided to reproduce them ourselves. The plans and details that go into making our homes does ofcourse have its price. Our homes cannot be classed as a last minute bargain, and are worth exactly what they cost. Our Greenville home buyers buy a home that they love.


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