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Individuelle Holzhäuser planen, bauen, einrichten


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Individuelle Holzhäuser planen, bauen, einrichten

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Individuelle Holzhäuser planen, bauen, einrichten

Solid Surface - Englisch

Solid Surface

We are constantly looking for the best quality products. In order to be active in this process we have created in 2012 our own "material" department in our factory. We are therefore among very few to propose you Solid Surface "made in geramny". We are the only ones to use this sensational product as a standard for our bathrooms. This demanding to produce Solid Surface has it's origin in labs that guarantee the highest hygiene requirements. But we are not only driven by a pure technical optic for this material's developement.It must also be a visual development. We aim to propose this much appreciated material for kitchens, staircases and bathrooms. In the past Solid Surfaces were imported from the USA or Sweden. Since a few years we do manufacture this material by our own. Solid Surface is practical, visually beautiful and very low maintenance.

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The only weakness Solid Surface had with the time was a lack of water resistance. Therefore we had to continue proposing tiles for the shower cases. Visually we disliked it, apart from the fact that tiles are demanding in maintenance. Our search brought us to Solid Surface. Unfortunately no european manufacturer would provide this unique material that should be strong and beautiful. We wanted lines, soft colours while hygiene is guaranteed. This is why we now produce ourselves entire shower cases in Solid Surface. They are joints free and very easy to maintain, and have a wood-look. We love these showers, our customers adore them.


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